Central Smith Creamery is a leading manufacturer of premium ice-cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt and frozen desserts.  Their products are shipped and enjoyed across Canada. Central Smith is a co-packer for some of Canada’s most recognized brands.

The problem: Rooftop maintenance required the addition of a safety ladder to be built and installed.

The solution: Design, fabricate and install safety ladder

The result: Central Smith Creamery now has safe access to the roof of their manufacturing facility.

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“We have been working with Thompson Machine and Tool for maintenance support for years. When we needed safe access to our rooftop systems, they worked with us to design a solution that fit the scope and challenge of the problem. We can now safely reach new heights!”

The Problem

As a co-packer and growing creamery, Central Smith had recently expanded their facilities. The expansion resulted in the need to access the building rooftop to access HVAC and other systems.

Safety being a priority, it was necessary that the ladder could be accessed easily by maintenance staff but also restrict unauthorized access. The overall height from the ground to the rooftop required a ladder that measured 25’ tall and had safety rungs as well as a lockout system.

A ladder could not be purchased to meet their installation requirements so Thompson Machine designed, manufactured and installed the ladder to their specifications.

The Solution

Our team designed a ladder system that would meet safety requirements, with attention to the spacing between rungs. We included a caged area and a lockout system to ensure that only those authorized would be able to access the ladder from the top or bottom.

As the ladder was to be installed outdoors we manufactured the ladder in our shop from aluminum to eliminate the need for maintenance. We also used stainless hardware so as to prevent any corrosion. The ladder was built in sections so that it could be easily transported to the site for assembly and installation.

At the location, our installers hoisted the sections into place for final assembly.

The Result

The ladder was installed on time and on budget.

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